Frequently Asked Questions.

    Our goals
    This system is designed to help marketers and owner websites get traffic to their sites in a simple, cost-effective way.
    More traffic means potentially higher ratings on statistical sites, such as Alexa and SiteRanking.
    More traffic means more exposures are made of your site and it's advertisements. More traffic means better positioning at 'topsite' websites.
    More targetting traffic means more potential customers coming through your website.

    Personal Information
    We collects, uses and stores information including your name, email address and site URL to create an account for you. We use information that we collect only to contact you in order to inform you about the progress of your order.
    We collect the email address associated with any payments made and store the date, time and details of items purchased and payment method used. We do not collects or store any banking or payment details as we use third party processors to process transactions.
    We do not use cookies.

    What is targeted traffic?
    This is a Effective Advertising That's Always On Target! This is the fastest, most reliable way to ensure your efforts bring you success...
    Please read this note.

    How does it work?
    Easy as 1,2,3...
    * Step 1. Go to HOME. Choose a targeting package.
    * Step 2. Place your order.
    * Step 3. Confirm and Pay your order with your preferred payment system.
    That' s All !

Receive visits to your site from Proven Sites ( Traffic Exchanges, Banner Exchanges and Safelists sites).

    What is the difference of orders with the price of 3 USD for 1000 visits from the order with the price of 7 USD for 1000 visits?
    The higher the price is chosen, the more priority is the execution of the order.
  For example: If there are 2 orders in the system (with prices of 3 USD and 7 USD), the order with the higher price (for 7 USD) will be the first to receive visits, and after its completion, the visits will be provided to the order with a lower price (for 3 USD ).

    What payment processor do you accept?
    We accept PAYeer payment processors.

    Is there a refund?
    No. The specificity of our business is the sale of targeted traffic. We guarantee that all paid visits will be delivered.
    But we can not guarantee the timing of the appearance of targeted visitors for your order. In this regard, a refund (full or partial) is not possible.

    How many sites can I add?
    As many as you want. There's no limit.

    Do you have any questions?
    Contact us.

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